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I’ve been doing some intense and thorough research into one of the original bloggers and have turned up some interesting entries. ___________________________________________________________________ My wife, after the absence of her terms for seven weeks gave me hopes of her being with child, but on the last day of the year she hath them again … this […]


Some people might have been following the birthing process of Project Dennis. I am pleased to announce that the bump has burst and TheTop100.net is taking it’s first few breaths in the Interweave. To get you started I strongly suggest you register and then go to this page, write a review and vote me up […]


The secret to not getting depressed about the end of Summer and the inevitable onset of yet another Winter, is to have something to look forward to. If everything goes to plan, I shall be converting the garage at the Cliff Top Residence into an office (and completely Peabrain free area. Lo,TG Ed) for the […]


“Now when I convert the garage into my blogging room I think that I’ll have my main desk near the proposed huge window overlooking the back garden and then my secondary desk for the printer and any associated artwork will be next to it. What do you think darling? ….. …… or on the other […]

THE WORLD BLOG COUNCIL – fact or fiction?

Have other people been having difficulties with this organisation? I have applied for approval on numerous occasions and just get messages about the Colonel being drunk. It’s my understanding that no blog can be taken seriously and probably shouldn’t be published without their approval – but is this true? Feedback from anyone that has had […]


. I returned from work at the Cliff Top Residence today accompanied by Penfold, who has been holding the ends of bits of wood for me and offering a LOT of advice, and realised I had nothing to blog about. . . Penfold, offering yet more advice, said, “If you’ve got nothing to blog about  […]

Quantum materiae materietur marmota monax si marmota monax materiam possit materiari?

. As a lot of bloggers are twisted I reckon we need a bloggers tongue-twister. . . Do bloggers blog and start to sob because the mob don’t like their blogs? I know – complete rubbish ……… please help – thank you. [I can see that I might be getting my knickers in a twist […]


. If you aspire to be a proper blogger you will have realised by now that it is essential to get approval from the World Blog Council. I myself was banned from the WBC several months ago and the difference that it made was almost (completely. Lo,Tg Ed) negligible. The Colonel and his staff have […]


Well it didn’t take Papersurfer long to throw me out of the nest and, quite frankly, I’m more confused than ever. What is the etiquette for the polite blogger? Can I ask Lucy Pepper to pimp my blog with one of her drawings? Can I ask Nursemyra for confidential advice about ingrowing toenails and outgrowing […]