I manage to survive the coven convention yesterday although there was a rather dodgy moment when I joined a conversation about the size of container needed when making a sponge, and of course the discussion about when to tip and when not to tip, if there are wealthy Americans around who are tipping enough for everyone, could have been a disaster.

Luckily nobody was listening to me ……. or so I thought until I discovered this little blighter after the sisters had flown off. ……..


I just spotted him out of the corner of my eye trying to jump into my undercracker drawer. My suspicions were aroused when I told Lo, she is a terrible Goddess, who just shrugged and said “You really should learn to keep your opinions to yourself, Peabrain – I have mentioned this several times over the years, haven’t I?”

“Yes ………… well …….. oh never mind.”

I’m now going to check all my drawers, the glass I keep my teeth in, the lavatory bowl and the shower cubicle …….. I’m not stoooopid you know ……