……. although you probably won’t take any notice [sometimes I wonder why I bother]. (Nooo, surely not. Lo,TG Ed)


There’s nothing like a grumble to really lift your mood,
Express yourself out loud, it’s awfully bad to brood
“Your skirt is way way way too short, it’s very very rude,
Your ideas on elegance are absolutely skewed!
And don’t you ever tell me I shouldn’t eat tinned food ….”
[A tin of finest prunes on toast, delicious slightly stewed]
“ …..and swearing at me doesn’t help, that’s really very crude!
What was that that you just said? I’m not a bloody prude!”


(All of that rubbish just so you could post that photo? It’s approaching fast isn’t it  – the dotage age, sans teeth [tick] sans eyes [well glasses anyway], sans taste [finest prunes on toast?] sans everything. LO,TG Ed)

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