Oh hello, you look divine …. how are the boys? ….. did they build that shrine?
I’m not too sure – is this one mine? …. yes, I used the Northern line ….
Did you hear about Uncle Lime? ….. and then the incident with sisal twine ….
No, he’s fine ….. [that doorway’s crooked, if I just had my plumb-line]
Sorry, sorry, I got diverted ….. they had a look and it’s benign ..
What do you think – beech or antique pine?
I can’t stay long ….. [is that dessert wine?]
A Japanese Umbrella pine? Mmmmm, that’s nice, top of the line –
That Gloria’s like a production line,
How many kids now ….. is it nine?
Oh no, it’s really time to go ….. we must do this another time.

“Who was that?”
“I have no idea…… fancy a pint in the Old Grape Vine?”


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