I had a delightful day yesterday fitting a shower tray and some supadoopa very shiny very expensive shower doors.

The main problem with a shower tray is that it is very near the floor, and that is much further away than it used to be.
The other problem is the trap. Out of necessity it is beneath the shower tray, as is the waste pipe, which leads to the construction of a platform, accompanied by slight swearing, cut fingers and bruised buttocks [don’t ask!].
I managed though and using some accurate measuring (you are straining Penfold’s credulity here. Lo,TG Ed) and pre-positioning of the waste pipe through the wall , for once everything lined up and the process went very smoothly………..

…….. that is until I tested the drainage for leaks having forgotten I’d left my very expensive drill under the end of the pipe that was just sticking out of the wall into the passageway.
The drill is in the oven now, drying out at 100C for several hours ……. I’m feeling quite hopeful ……….. ho hum.


(Not so much ho hum, as Hmmmmm. Lo,TG Ed)