Honestly some people are so unobservant and thoughtless.

I was trying to get to the parsnips in the supermarket the other day and there was some old woman in my way. She seemed to be having trouble differentiating between the parsnips and the carrots and was picking them up and smelling them ….. disgusting. She had managed to park her cart in just the right position to stop me getting near the counter – she had even managed to place her walking stick on top of her cart which was at just the correct height to interfere with my undercrackers and what’s more she had painted it white,  (she had painted her cart white – or do you mean your undercrackers? Lo,TG Ed) …… very ostentatious!

I tried to sneak in on the other side but blow me down, she had a dog with her! It looked friendly enough but obviously had behaviour problems as it had a harness strapped to it’s back and had to be controlled with an aluminium handle. I wasn’t going to take any chances leaning over those teeth [which incidentally were also at undercracker height].

I had to give up the idea of Lo, she is a terrible Goddess treating me to one of her superb parsnip soups. I shall be writing to the manager!

[Have a grand weekend ……. may the farce be with you!]