2009 has been an action packed year for Daddy Papersurfer.

The rash has been sorted out at last, partly by using clarified butter, but also by buying a size larger in the undercracker department.

The yeast infection has been brought under control by a weekly bath in live yoghurt. For those of you worried about possible waste I have been re-potting the yoghurt and marketing it as “Very Lively Yoghurt – with many secret ingredients”. Sales have been slow and I’m now having to change the labels to “DP’s Cheese” – I’m very optimistic.

(I have banned it from our  dining table…… so that there’s plenty for everyone else. 🙂 😉 🙁 Lo,TG Ed)

Well that’s about it,  sooooo ………

I and Lo, she is a terrible Goddess, wish you the felicitations of the season – have a good ‘un ………..

(P.S. Why do they call them round robins ?  I would have said they were more pear shaped. Lo,TG Ed)