My story concerns seven brothers from the town of Muzak who get fed up with waiting for seven brides and decide to join a monastery.

After a couple of weeks they all get rather bored, and not wishing to break their vows, form a mime group. They call themselves the Von Trappists.

Their act proves very popular and so they put on a show in a farmer’s barn in order to save an orphanage.

However their mime of ‘Carry on up the Goatherd’ upsets a closet Nazi who chases them wielding his powerful weapon.

They escape through some nuns and just as they are about to be shot, a woman floats down on an umbrella and, as if by magic, she produces loads of Lego  from her handbag and quickly builds a full size, working aeroplane whilst singing some really annoying songs.

They all escape to Oz where they have a wizard of a time chasing ticking crocodiles and climbing beanstalks.

And then the Queen has her Christmas massage.



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