One of the very nice things about living right on the coast is that unpretentious people create pop-up art shows in their gardens.

Pett installation

This installation changes through the year. New bits of flotsam and jetsam are found on the beach and added almost on a daily basis. Obviously bits are also removed as I remember a load of disembodied doll’s limbs once featured heavily.

Pett stoned

Other art shows are almost like an extended happening. Stones-with-holes-in have been threaded on this shrub for many years. Some of the ones that have been here for ages have now grown lichen and are almost invisible.

Pett zoo

This is a slightly more self-conscious effort which uses found objects with bought in art works. The owner of this seaside garden is an artist, a millionaire and used to manage the Pet Shop Boys, Bros and East 17.

I’m always tempted by driftwood and ‘interesting’ stones and rocks. Quite often I give into these temptations, not always with Lo, she is a terrible Goddess’s approval.

In all of these photos I’m standing with my back directly facing the beach and the sea.