PAINTING. Really!!!?!

I needed an old-school type painting as part of my next exhibition of exciting and innovative sculptures so decided I’d better do it myself.



He turned out ok.

I found another off-cut I could use so then did a painting I’ve been thinking about for ages. It was grown from a cutting and lives in the bedroom.


I wasn’t busy so there was another thing that I had been thinking about recording.


Le Jongleur has lived with us for many a long day.


I then stumbled across a couple of images that I liked on the interweave and threw them together to daub this …


… and then, last week, I painted this …


… which I quite like.

The odd thing is that I don’t really enjoy painting. In fact I haven’t painted a ‘proper’ painting for over 30 years.

The trek to the cold and damp shed is now very muddy and I have no idea what I’m doing … or why. Ho hum I suppose. Ours is not to reason why, Ours is just to do and *sigh*.

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