It’s funny where brilliant ideas come from.

I was miming to Lo, she is a terrible Goddess – showing her how I had cleaned the shower very thoroughly, and I noticed a slightly quizzical expression upon her delightful and radiant visage. I added talking to my mime act and I could then see light dawning …… (Hmm, more like a 10 watt light bulb. Lo,TG Ed)

……. and then I realised what I should present at the auditions for the next Britain’s Got Talent show – a TALKING MIME ACT!!!! I’m pretty sure that nobody else will have thought of it and Simon Cowell is bound to be impressed.

I think that my interpretation of trying to escape from an invisible cardboard box, with running commentary, will be a great hit and I might even pretend I’m having a tug-o-war with an imaginary llama.

(Why not? I spend my life trying to pretend I’m living with a normal human being! Lo,TG Ed)