I made the cover of Vague – the pullout supplement from the Hastings Absurder. Below is the article itself. 





‘If you can only find time to visit one open studio during the Coastal Currents hunting season, avoid Daddy Papersurfer’s Shed like the plague.

I made the mistake of visiting last weekend and have never been so shocked and bored to death at the same time. There are various adult themed pieces which coming from a man his age are disgusting and, whilst trying to stop the bile rising in my throat, the artist himself droned on and on and on, pontificating about how the skills of grouting can be transferred to canvas and how gingernut crumbs can be incorporated into, and I quote “Great works of art”. This man is an idiot.

I escaped his ‘gallery’ (shed) and went to the local pub, The Twisted Gusset, had a bite to eat to recover and then visited many of the other splendid Open Studios in and around Hastings.

I repeat do NOT go and see Daddy Papersurfer’s Shed in Fairlight Cove.’  – Rita Skeeter

A little harsh I feel but with the highest journalistic integrity.

See you all next weekend.

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