I’ve been working hard to create a lovely area in a corner of the garden especially for goddesses to enjoy:
soft pastel colours, sweet scents and a feeling of tranquillity.

I wanted to share it with the village, and so I put an advertisement in the local Parish magazine in the form of a poem, and included my telephone number so that goddesses could call me and arrange a viewing.

I was amazed to receive some very peculiar calls ……. all from men. They were so odd I had to have the telephone disconnected.

This was the poem I published …..

My Lady Garden’s open, it’s looking very lush
There’s a great clipped bush and a lovely thrush,
Book now before there is a frenzied rush
And you get trampled in an unseemly crush.

(Censored. LO,TG Ed)

Can someone please explain the very odd behaviour that I’ve experienced?

[Oh, the TG seems to be behaving oddly now … *scratches head*]