Took the terrible Goddess to the  hospital for an appointment. Dropped her at the main entrance and then went to the main carpark … to park. Long queues but eventually was allowed in and spotted a spot very near the entrance. Wiggled in and then tried an extra wiggle so that the people returning to the car next to me could actually open their door. During the extra wiggle I mounted a kerb and caught the wheel on an extra row of bricks and ripped the side-wall out of the front tyre. Very noisy. Kindly pointed out to me when I emerged from the car from the bloke sitting in his car having a sneaky smoke. Dashed into the hospital and explained the situation to the TG. Returned to carpark and spoke to the carpark attendants to explain that I had to change the tyre and that I hoped I wouldn’t be in the way. Patrick, one of the attendants and now my new best friend, came and helped. Whilst changing the tyre the occupants of the car next to me arrived, one in wheel chair and her sister (driver and carer). Sister couldn’t get in car because I was in the way. Dropped car from car jack and rolled back so that she could get in her own car. I apologised for the inconvenience “Don’t be silly, you’re having a crap day.” Patrick waved her out. Re-jacked car and continued to change tyre. Kind gentleman, who was passing, offered some of that stuff in a can that can re-inflate tyres so you can get home but I’d totally ripped out side of tyre. Waved him a kiss.
Changed tyre, with a lot of help from Patrick, found the TG and went to pay desk to pay for parking. Bloke said ‘ It’s on me mate.’
It’s going to prove an expensive day but people have been WONDERFUL.