Just for once my nosiness has paid off.
I was having a sneaky look around Lo, she is a terrible Goddess’s eBay account and noticed that amongst her recently viewed items was a men’s Rolex watch at the bargain price of £16,995. I felt excited and frightened at the same time. I know she adores me but this was a tad over the top. Also, she must have a secret hoard of dosh as our joint bank statements can’t be read with rose tinted spectacles.
I then noticed that there were lot of messages in her inbox. I snuck a peep. There were loads of really long backwards and forwards emails asking her to pay up for various diamond rings, smart phones and computers.
I had to come clean that I’d been rummaging and spoke to the TG.

“I think I’ve been hacked peabrain. I was looking at a Mickey Mouse watch for you – but they were too expensive. I’d better get onto customer support.”

Anyway to cut a long story short the matter was reported, we found that no money was owed to anybody and the TG has closed the account. The fine people at eBay are investigating and have said they’ll contact the TG as soon as they know what’s been happening.

If you haven’t looked at your account recently it might be worth a look and see if there’s been any strange activity.

[This heads-up has been provided by the DP On The Ball Internet Hacking Service]