Humans have been around for the blink of an eye. It’s highly likely that during the next blink we will become extinct.

Perhaps crocodiles and cockroaches will survive and, in the fullness of time, work out how to breed.

The result might look like the alien from Aliens.


A few, by which I mean loads, years later creatures from another galaxy might arrive on earth, one looking suspiciously like Sigourney Weaver.

Having seen all the Alien films (and coincidentally re-runs of Fleabag which inspired them all to speak English – result!) from ‘stuff’ floating around in the ether, the creatures will be a tad standoffish at first but will eventually discover that the ‘new’ aliens are quite friendly. Indeed, they might find out that they have an incredible ability for weaving beautiful objects from bull shit.

The future could be bright.

BTW – Mother Earth thinks all this fretting that different dominant species have about this and that is a bit of a hoot and her favourite word is ‘whatever’.

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