I’ve learnt how to say “Good morning” etc. and “Sorry”. However my most useful phrase is “Do you speak English?” If the answer is “Yes” there’s no problem, but if the answer is “Nao” I resort to my pad and pen and start drawing. A few years ago I needed to buy some rat poison [we lived near Penfold at the time]. I drew a rat with a skull and an arrow pointing at it. The old fella immediately disappeared into the back of the shop and handed me a packet of exactly what I wanted. It was called Rat Attack.

Dead Rat

[Not the original drawing – I’ve got far more graphic in my dotage]

I’m still waiting for an opportunity to use this addition to my linguistic skills again. I think I’ll leave a trail of gingernut crumbs leading from the rubbish bins to our front door to attract some of the little blighters .….. I’d hate my knowledge to go to waste.