This is a tiny art gallery that hangs from my back-gate. It is 18″ high, 15″ wide and 12″ deep. The gate opens directly onto a public footpath. At night it is lit by tiny lights that have been charged up during the day by a solar panel. Effectively it is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

I’ll be showing my work and the work of other artists from the Hastings area. If you are interested in having a solo show (there’s only room for one artwork at a time) please email me with examples of your work. If selected I’ll send you full details about charges, there are none – advertising, that’ll be mainly up to you – private viewing arrangements, nope, none of that rubbish – and any other information. Some details are available on Facebook. Search for The Empty Sardine Can Gallery.

(Social distancing is guaranteed, that is if people behave themselves properly)


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