For those of you worried about my disturbed mental state, I am pleased to announce that I have found the solution.  (Trust me, there is no solution to that. Lo, TG Ed)
Yesterday I found myself ranting at some wire that would not go exactly where I wanted it to go and then, just a few minutes later, there was a piece of wood that just would not behave itself.
Luckily Lo, she is a terrible Goddess, telephoned just as I was about to explode and suggested I wandered down the garden of the Cliff Top Residence and looked at the view.

Naturally, I did as I was told, and began to wander …..

I looked across the bracken covered cliff top to the Channel, spied a couple of large vessels fighting the tide and even caught a glimpse of France. The thought of Agincourt cheered me up no end, and I returned to the house fully refreshed and ready to manipulate all materials to my will. [It didn’t quite work out exactly like that but I soldiered on manfully in a much happier frame of mind ……..]