Success! – Lo, the terrible Goddess has cut my hair and it is now a positive pleasure to walk past a mirror.

Occasionally in the past, due to a lack of consideration and concentration on my part, the results haven’t been so pleasing.

There was the time when I’d forgotten to use the spatter guard on the frying pan and I ended up with a haircut more suitable for a monastery than life in the fast lane, and I won’t mention what I’d done to deserve the Worzel Gummidge / Ken Dodd coiffure – how she managed to make my hair look longer at the end of all the snipping I’ll never know.

Anyway, this morning I presented the TG with a full English breakfast and a piping hot cup of tea. The tray was decorated with a single red rose of the genus she isn’t allergic to. I then drew a bath for her and having satisfied myself of the concept, went into the bathroom, turned the radiator up to ‘max’ and, having scattered scented petals here there and everywhere, filled the bath with water at just the right temperature.

There were home-made biscuits and fresh coffee waiting for her as she emerged from the bathroom at which point I said – casually – “Any chance of a trim?” and the rest is now history ………..  I’m GORGEOUS ………..
(You’re certainly as gorgeous as you’ll ever be. Lo.TG Ed)