There are some friends coming round in a couple of days for a meal. Mr Friend is very fussy about his wine  [he’s American so I’m not that bothered].

The local supermarket has a wine that I’m particularly fond of but they haven’t had it on offer for months, which is a shame; it’s normal price is beyond my allowance  and the TG keeps a very close eye on my spending.

Anyway, Lo dispatched me to pick up the bits and bobs needed for our little soirée, and blow me down with a feather ……


……. the wine was on offer!

I bought 1/2 a dozen bottles, just to be on the safe side, and decided to open one to be sure that the standard was up to scratch. I’m now wondering whether the others are OK. The responsibilities I bear are fearsome ……..


(And one of them is making sure that those five bottles remain intact until Mr & Mrs Friend arrive for dinner, Peabrain. I have every confidence in you….. Lo,TG Ed)