I cannot stress the importance of balance in your life. The balance between work and play, taking gambles and playing for safety, selflessness and selfishness.

May I clarify. To survive – keep work to an absolute minimum. The same goes for play – it can be very dangerous. Obviously gambling should be kept to a minimum, and it goes without saying that playing it safely is extremely boring. Being selfish is of course rather selfish, whereas selflessness can lead to a feeling of resentment and of having wasted natural talent.

I do hope you have found this enlightening as you wend your weary way through life’s byways.

You are very welcome.


(I’m so illuminated I feel like a manuscript. Lo,TG Ed)

[Inspired, unintentionally by young Evan, because of a comment he made on Twitter. Pop over and say hello – he’s ‘drawing’ crazy – but in a good way – tee hee]