The track at the bottom of the garden at the Cliff Top Residence is a never ending source of entertainment (see previous post – adult content).

Anyhoo, yesterday the local dustcart, manned by non-locals apparently, drove down the track (the usual truck never goes down the track) and got stuck in the mud. Very stuck. The driver phoned the council depot who sent out a recovery vehicle. This got stuck in the mud. More phone calls were made and then a huge kick-arse 4x4x4x4 with searchlights, tyres the size of Wales and an engine that created it’s own energy crisis arrived and pulled all the idiots out of trouble. There’s mud everywhere now, huge balls of mud. Our strolling activities have been severely curtailed. The people who live at the end of the track can’t drive to their own home. It’s like the Somme.

I’m hoping that the local council take full responsibility and everything is put back to ‘useable’.

*sigh* for the idiots and *hurrah* for the entertainment value.

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