We’ve been snowed in for nearly 18 hours now!!!!! There’s at least an inch of snow outside!!!!!!!
The neighbours went out yesterday and haven’t been seen since. I do hope that they’re stuck somewhere and haven’t gone on holiday – that would be really annoying.
Worried about lavatory paper and have been experimenting with a torn up Saga magazine. Feeling nostalgic for Bronco loo roll now.
Attempted catching a pigeon in the forlorn hope of milking it as I don’t like black coffee.
I noticed that Lo, she is a terrible Goddess has been Googling how to cook rump. She thinks I didn’t spot her eyeing me when I was bending down to knit some extra socks directly onto my feet. I’m taking precautions now and have been walking backwards ever since.
If you don’t hear from me again please hand this blog to the police.
Wish us luck. Oooooh, there’s a re-run of Grouting For Beginners on the telly … whoooooooosh.