Next week, probably on Tuesday, I’m meeting the SEO* and the RBASF* of Fuelmyblog, the only social networking site that has any meaning at all, in the city of London …….. England.

I’ve been making a ‘to do’ list.

1. Locate and dust teeth.
2. Find some clean undercrackers [in case I have an accident due to nerves].
3. Purchase suitable bribes presents.
4. Buy a label to tie round my neck and put my address and telephone number on it on the off chance I get lost.
5. Forget wallet in case there’s a danger of having to pay for a round.
6. Pre-plan a blog post so that I don’t miss my train due to lack of forward planning.
7. Have a ‘get out’ plan as my boredom threshold is very low [I’ll probably use the usual one that the dogs need to be fed …… I mean Gertrude].
8. Buy snacks and drinks for the journey – blimey, it’s well over an hour – I could faint.
9. Give the TG instructions on the off chance that I’m abducted for medical research.
10. Polish at least one shoe.

I wonder if anyone else will be going? ……. oh dear ……

• SEO – Sir Kevin Almighty – Senile Executive Officer
• RBASF – Froglet – Real Boss Although She’s French