“What inspires you Daddy Papersurfer?”



“Yes. Anything in real life, printed, on social media, anything that you can smell or touch or listen to – anything.”

“Anything you can smell!!!?!”

“Indeed although I’d rather keep those sources to myself.”

“Thank you for that. Anyway, tell me about this painting.”

“Well, it all started with a Google of marigolds, I was thinking plants, and blown up pictures of rubber gloves appeared.  I liked these. My initial drawings put a marigold hanging from a trapeze. I don’t know why.”

“Did you do a painting along these lines?”


“Why not?”

“I couldn’t be bothered.”

“So why did you go down the route you did?”

“No idea.” 

“What’s this painting called?”

“Marigold, the aerial contortionist, performs in the Big Topper – ON ICE!”

“That’s a very long title.”

“Is it?”

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