Lo, she is a terrible Goddess glanced at the boy who appeared through the door. The Frenchman disappeared into the room of great length – she ignored him. She looked intently into the boy’s eyes – myopia has that effect. She decided it was worth the effort to interrogate him.

“?”   “Degas”

“?”   “Picasso”

“?”    “Monet”

His replies were prompt.

So far so good.

Possibilities arose in her mind as she probed further. An innovative igloo designer perhaps, who could provide many seal skins and blubber heaped on him by grateful clients. A grand design started forming in her mind.

She decided to reveal her legs: they hadn’t been on view since the arrival of the boy. His fate was sealed.

Fast forward 4 decades or so.

“Ah, the seal skins never materialised but the blubber has. Oh well, I suppose it’s a start.”

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