I’M BACK ……. in a way

I’m sitting in the conservatory at the Cliff Top Residence watching Gertrude climb the fence to greet our new neighbours – who are looking slightly concerned. I’ve reassured them that llamas don’t eat cats and that their marigolds will come back better and brighter in the spring. The terrible Goddess has been humming, which is a good sign, and I’ve mended the new TV aerial I put up a few weeks ago.

The new broadband connection is rubbish – as soon as the TG has recovered from the move, she’s going to make one of those phone calls on which I love to eavesdrop; the words ‘charm’ and ‘acidic’ come to mind. Until it’s loading a lot faster my visits will be sporadic I’m afraid – I don’t have the patience to wait for pages that are loading slower than an etch-a-sketch.

As you can see Grumpy and Little Ted have survived the crushing boredom of the last few days caused by looking after my blog; although they do seem a bit confused.  They appreciated your comments and are very sorry they couldn’t respond – mainly because they are stuffed toys and can’t read or write unless I guide them.

I shall leave you with this thought ……………………………… sorry, it’s gone again – I was saving one up especially as well ……………..


(Still as cogent as ever then. Lo,TG Ed)