….. so to cheer myself up I thought I’d have a look at some piccies from our last stay in Surfugal.

BIG pots .....

These olive pots are HUGE …. over 6 feet tall. They were on display outside a shop selling ceramics.

Girly Portuguese tiled figure

This life sized goddess was across the yard from her gentleman friend.

Blue and white Portuguese tiled figure

He wanted to show me his dog …… gosh, I was soooooo excited. [These figures were made from 6″ tiles – I think they dated from early last century.]

Anyhoo, Lo is a terrible Goddess bought a small yet surprisingly expensive little jug which was made by a recently deceased potter – before he died ………. obviously. Could be an investment I suppose. I tried to increase the rarity value by crashing into the display but the owner of the shop was surprisingly nimble and quite a good juggler. Perhaps next time …….

*ATCHOOOOO!!!!!!!* …… oh poo, the lappytop needs cleaning now …… have a lovely weekend ……………….. I won’t.


(It’s official – Peabrain is at death’s door. At least. Or he will be soon if he doesn’t stop being so disgusting; groaning, flailing [yes, flailing] and wilting. And lemon balm tissues [‘my nose is sooo sore – I need special tissues’] everywhere, the contents of which are displayed with pride. Aaaargh. Lo,TG Ed)

Match of the Day

Match mat