The dodo wasn’t actually named until the breed was extinguished from the face of the earth.

The last dodo that existed was kept as a pet and had been taught to talk by it’s owners. At Christmas time they used to dress it up to add to the fun when it recited ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’.


One Christmas, however, the bird had one too many sherries and was sick all over the carpet.

“That bird will have to go!” said Mildred, the lady of the house.

The following day the butcher arrived to kill the animal. As he approached the bird, who wasn’t stupid and knew exactly what was about to happen, keep saying “Do … do … do …. do …” but before he could finish saying “Don’t” the chopper fell and extinctified the species.

The butcher shoved it in a bag and with a cheery, “I’ve killed it. Funny little fella wasn’t he … he kept saying ‘do…do’ as though he’d had enough ”, went to the pub and related the yarn to all his mates. As the story spread it soon became the tale of the Dodo.