Through the Froglet [she’s French you know] at Fuel My Blog I was sent a pair of North Face Hedgehog trainers to try out.

I must say that I am very wary of wearing trainers at my age as they tend to look a tad desperate, are rarely comfortable and my feet get hot in them.

However I have worn them several times now which has been very interesting.

OK – they are very comfortable. My feet didn’t overheat. They grip exceedingly well. Some of the rocks I was clambering on were covered in thin, damp, slippery mud …… no problems at all. The soles appear to be self cleaning to a large degree. I’ve always found in the past that walking shoes get clogged up very easily thus losing traction. I look very cool in them …….. obviously.

The one drawback is that Lo, she is a terrible Goddess wants a pair now and I don’t want to disturb the cobwebs on my wallet.

Thank you fitnessfootwear.com ……. and thank you FMB.

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PS Fitnessfootwear also have a blog with up-to-date news about their products.