My local pier has been burnt down by arsonists.


To be honest it was rather an ordinary pier that needed renovating at some enormous cost.

I see the fire as a blessing in disguise.

I would love to see a brand new, state of the art , high tech, sooper dooper STATEMENT of a pier. I’ve done a very quick sketch of what I’d like to see:

Hastings Pier

a structure that might remind you of an alligator or a crocodile – the teeth made of shiny stainless steel, and at the end of the pier a Museum of Illusions which would appeal to all sections of society. The look and feel of the whole edifice being an organic version of the Imperial War Museum in Manchester or the Guggenhein in Bilbao. There are some fabulous museums around the world using both old tech and high tech illusions which attract visitors like bees round a honey pot. The buildings along the pier would house all the cafés, ice-cream stalls, candy floss kiosks etc reflecting traditional fun, and the area near the shore would be used for parking as this is a real problem where the pier is sited.

The ever flowing tap, apparently floating in mid-air, would draw the attention and make people walk the full length of the pier to see what’s going on, as would a sign saying ‘Illusions’ that would keep appearing and disappearing. This could become the major tourist attraction in the area. All that is needed is a far-sighted multi-millionaire.


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