I was wandering aimlessly around the outside of the Cliff Top Residence yesterday and spied loads of this stuff on the floor …….

……. mmmmm ………. nice.

I sat down and pondered, and as I pondered I happened to glance up to the roof. There, in the gutter, was a deranged blackbird who, obviously behind with building his lovely goddess a house, was going berserk in his efforts to get nesting materials and dropping loads in his panic.

I’m delighted because it’s going to save me the job of clambering up there now. I’ve only got to do some sweeping …….. when he’s finished his ‘Grand Design’ of course.


(They’re building in the hedge about 15 feet from the house. Lovely, BUT, I wonder if they’ve noticed that next door have got FOUR cats. Lo,TG Ed)