Many years ago Lo, she is a terrible Goddess and I bought a couple of cars at auction. These were the days when the dealers carried around the first mobile phones. The handset was the size of a brick and they used to tow small trailers behind them that held the batteries.

A few less ‘many years ago’ we had an antique shop and used to buy stock at auction in the SE and the SW of England. Occasionally there were bidders on the phone but it was rare.

The local auction house now has regular bidders on the landline, on smart phones and on computers and sometimes there’s even a video link. Incidentally there’s often a TV film crew there as well supplying the always hungry market for the innumerable antique shows on day time television.

Today I’m selling my first ever item on eBay. You’ll never guess what it is. No, it isn’t the petrol from the dead Volvo, it’s the roof bars from the dead Volvo! I was going to give them to a charity shop or offer them on a freecycle site but thought it would be fun to try eBay. I’m getting over excited as the bidding is already up to 99p and there are several hours to go.

(I wonder if there’s a section for used Peabrains – ‘Breakers only”? Or, maybe I could replace some of this one’s more defunct parts and revive it, I mean, him. Thinks… Lo,TG Ed)