A Step in the Right Direction


It’s only taken me two years to get round to it but I’ve laid the top step at last [with the help of Tiggz]. This area has been a bit of a trip hazard and quite honestly I don’t know why Lo, she is a terrible Goddess hasn’t insisted on it being done earlier. Still, I’m always thankful for small mercies.


I’ve also had to build a frame with some netting over it to protect the goldfish from the ****** heron. I actually saw him the other day and I could swear he was ******* smiling. It doesn’t look very nice but it can be lifted off during the day. The two remaining original fish and the new little tiddlers are still rather shy. I’ve been encouraging them to lose their inhibitions by feeding them whilst completely naked [apart from my sandals of course]. (I’m not going to say anything – it’s far too easy. Lo,TG Ed)