One of my favourite artists is Leonardo da Vinci – I always have difficulty in answering “What is your favourite …?” type questions BTW. What is your favourite colour? ….. it depends. What is your favourite film? …… it depends. What is your favourite number? …….. it depends……….

…….. anyway one of my favourite artists is Leonardo, mainly because he was interested in everything. It’s almost coincidental that he happened to be a great draughtsman – it’s the enquiring mind that is so fascinating. How does the body work? Is it possible to build a flying machine? What’s the best way of storming a castle? Why does everyone look so different?

If he was alive today he would be enthralled with the interweave. It’s a world in creation and anything is possible. I strongly suspect that he would have become an internet star in no time at all, and led us to places that stretched our minds to their limits ……. and probably beyond……..

Mind you, if he had kept to his habit of writing backwards, computers would have had to be built upside down….

ǝǝɥ ǝǝʇ – “¡ʇıb p1o buıʎouuɐ uɐ ʇɐɥʍ” pıɐs ǝʌɐɥ ʇsnظ p1noʍ ǝ1doǝd ÉŸo ʇo1 ɐ puɐ ………


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Techy note: apparently the Flippy thing can’t do French, it turns it into gibberish. Hmmm…..