For some reason Lo, she is a terrible Goddess keeps telling me to get out from under her feet. I know for a fact she’s hasn’t trodden on me for several weeks, and my doctor can confirm this if necessary.

She suggested that I measure the height of the cliff at the bottom of the garden, so I wandered down there yesterday morning with a tape measure.

I was greeted with this view which distracted me a tad. Luckily when I slipped I managed to get a hold on some gorse, which prevented me from falling right to the bottom; although the lacerations I received were quite bad. I suppose I could have done some measuring on the way down, had I fallen, but I’ll leave that to another day.

Anyway, the local A&E department is very pleasant. Strangely they seemed to know all about me. Apparently they had received a very detailed email from the last hospital, that was signed by over a hundred people, wishing them good luck. I had no idea they were all so friendly …………….


(Perhaps I should have mentioned the soil aeration I had carried out at the cliff’s edge the previous evening. Oh well, maybe next time. Lo, TG Ed)