The Wellingtonius Muchmuncha, commonly known as the Ankle Biter, feeds exclusively on wellington boots.
This charming and cuddly creature makes an ideal pet if looked after properly. However, as we all know, it must only be fed one wellington boot a day. If overfed he/she grows enormous teeth which can cut through wire and then he/she runs amok snapping at people’s ankles. In the very unlikely event that this happens the only way to calm the creature down is to sing “Happy Birthday to You”.
I’m extremely careful how I look after my Ankle Biter – his name is Fotheringay Carbuncle by the way. He likes to be tickled under his chin.

The Ankle Biter

Hang on a minute!!!!! *lifts feet onto sofa* Happy birthday to youuuuuuu, happy birthday to youuuuuuu …..