The history of the mobile phone continues.


Not that many years ago the only word that man and womankind managed to utter was “Ugh”. Even then womankind complained that it wasn’t what he said, it was the way he said it. It was a very tricky time for effective communication. The main way of transmitting information, good and bad, was by throwing rocks at each other. Of course most of us have progressed since then.

Many years later when the first mobile phones were being manufactured those clever people at Apple realised the long history that proceeded this new technology and wanted to reference it in the name of their product. They considered calling their first cell phone hityouintheeyePhone but decided to shorten it to iPhone. Other companies went down different routes when choosing names.

By the way, this exhibit is a fine example of a Nokia. Of course, as you well know, ‘nok’ is early Finnish for rock. I think they should have just gone with Rockia.