Right, listen up. Eating too many doughnuts is way bad for you. ‘Ickle and not often thank you very much.
However, ‘Doughnut Economics’ as explained by Kate Raworth (link to ‘er blog – HERE), looks as though it might be well good for you.
I’ve drawn my interpretation of this theory and expanded it to the ultimate goal – the JAM DOUGHNUT!

The Real Diagram


The Betterer Diagram

Basically it’s “Down with expansionism, There’s enough to go round for everyone you greedy bar stewards, Yer Mother Earth is getting a tad pissed off, Work on your sense of balance and What’s for tea?”
My understanding of economics is well founded as I’ve been to art college. I’ve also been to Cambridge but that was a day trip and doesn’t really count.
If you have any questions about Doughnut Economics contact Kate Raworth through her blog as I’m very busy in the shed.




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