There is a cupboard in the bathroom I should have built 3 years ago … or rather there isn’t.
Yesterday Lo, she is a terrible Goddess decided to take matters into her own hands.
She bundled me out of the front door and shackled me to the roof rack and drove to the nearest DIY store and then forced me to buy the bits of wood, screws, wallplugs and shelving needed.
When we got back I started unloading all the bits and pieces and trudged them up to the shed in the back garden and then tried to get back indoors for a cup of tea and a gingernut. From the sofa a finger was firmly pointed in the direction of the shed.
I was in there for several hours and eventually returned to the sitting room with the result of my efforts.

Cyborg fairy

OK OK, I did get a tad diverted. I created ‘Exhibit 9 – A Cyborg Fairy’.
I tried explaining to the TG that I was actually sorting out the shed so that I had enough room to make the cupboard and the most economical and efficient way of clearing the bench was to amalgamate the detritus into a wonderful work of art.
I was met by silence.
I think it might be wise if I plan on living in the shed for as long as it takes now.
Please send food parcels.