Lo, she is a terrible Goddess has been getting rather cross. Apparently I get dressed in the wrong order.

To aid your rather feeble imaginations I have taken the trouble to provide an illustration so I can get you on my side.

DP dressing

I spring from the bed in the morning as nature intended (Nature could never, ever, have intended anything like that.  Lo,TG Ed) [wearing my cardboard box] and, to avoid treading on my false teeth, I put on my socks and sandals first.

I then don my string vest so that I can tuck it snugly into my undercrackers.

I slip on my shirt and then put on my snazzy beige slacks. If the weather is a tad chilly I then slip on my cardigan.

All very logical and, I’m sure you’ll agree, the very bestest way of getting dressed.

PS Of course I sometimes require a more casual look and the slacks are replaced by ironed jeans with a lovely crisp crease.


(Can’t help thinking you’ve airbrushed that piccie, Peabrain. Lo,TG Ed)