Chapter 2

“Have you seen my glasses?” I asked the still humming TG. (Not a word of a lie, Avid Reader. LO,TG Ed)

“No – perhaps they fell off when you were cutting the hedge?” she graciously replied.

I started retracing my footsteps and my step’s steps. I looked on the ground. I looked on the hedge. I looked in the shed. I looked in my undercrackers [they have been known to work their way down that far]. Nothing. Disappeared. Vanished. (!!! That’s the LAST time I borrow his glasses. Lo,TG Ed)

Suddenly I remembered that the TG had instructed me to clear the hedge trimmings out of the pond [this request rather cleverly sung to the tune of “Gonna Make You a Star”].

Could they have fallen into the pond!!!!?! Surely I would have heard a splash?

I bent over [not easy at my age] and looked.

There they were!!!! Obviously they’d landed softly and silently in the weeds. What a relief as I’ve only got half a dozen spare pairs left.


[This is actually a reconstruction of the denouement as I was so excited I rushed in to tell the TG the good news. Don’t try this yourself. You can’t see from the reflection in the water but I am wearing a safety harness and stabilisers] (The stabilisers are a constant feature, but the harness is usually only employed when I take him out for a walk. Lo,TG Ed)

My only regret after the drama of this terribly exciting escapade is that I completely forgot to help myself to Aloe Vera’s plums whilst she was dozing and she picked them herself later on that evening …… how selfish was that?

The End


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