Due to a strong directive from my financial advisor, Lo, she is a terrible Goddess, I’ve been going out to work recently.
My main concern has been how the TG will cope without me.
I was sitting on the sofa this weekend chatting away exploring the possibilities of adapting budgerigars so they could replace mobile phones, the advantages of learning how to play the banjo and my concern that the local car wash should have instructions written in Braille, I glanced in her direction and noticed she was in the Dhyana position. I asked what she was doing and she mumbled “Coping. By the way, are you going back to work on Monday?”
“I’m afraid I have to my angel.”
She seemed to relax; I’m so glad her yogic techniques are helping. I must say I admire her bravery during what must be a very difficult time for her.

( Ommmmmmm… Lo, TG Ed)