For reasons that would take too long to explain, the TG and I ended up having a poetry competition. The subject was ‘chairs’.


These are the results.


by Lo, she is a terrible Goddess

This is a poem all about chairs
It isn’t bout jam and it isn’t bout hairs

[or bears]

[there follows a short break whilst the TG has a snooze – well, either that or she’s lost interest completely]

…………. oh, apparently that’s THE END ………. possibly…….. oh, she’s dictating again – how unusual ……

Chairs to the left of me, chairs to the right
This chair is rocking – must hold on tight!
This chair is buttoned up, stiff as a poker
[short delay whilst the TG thinks of a rhyme]
This chair’s on rollers – it’s a bit of a joker.


…….. no it isn’t …..

This chair is mass produced – oh shame! – DFS
This chair’s got springs springing, crumbs, what a mess

THE END …….[waits with bated breath] ……. oh, she’s said THE END ……. again.

These chairs all seem disparate

But have something in common,

They’ve all been much sat upon by Peabrain’s big fat bottom.

THE END [certified Lo,TG Ed]

[Apparently she’s got to edit this now which is a tad strange as I’m very good at being dictated to ……..]

[OK, the last line didn’t exist the last time I looked and, once again apparently, I’m not allowed to change it]


CHAIRS by Daddy Papersurfer

The armchair, the wheel chair, the barstool, the throne
All should be sat upon – never used prone
The ottoman and chesterfield, the sofa and the couch
Are the ideal vehicles when you want to slouch.


These are the only two entries. Please vote now.


(I rather like Peabrain’s. Bother.  Lo,TG Ed)

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