It’s that time again.

Baa humbug

As usual we’ll be celebrating with a refreshing glass of warm water for breakfast, followed by gruel for the main festive meal. The added holly leaves really get us into the holiday mood!

The afternoon is the time for playing games, my favourite being charades where I always carry a sign depicting π and walk across the sitting room as though on a fashion show runway. At this stage of the proceedings Lo, she is a terrible Goddess  has her afternoon nap. I take this opportunity to count our Christmas card.

By teatime, feeling rather full and over-excited, we usually collapse in front of the television and wish the electricity hadn’t been cut-off while we share a gingernut and a double-dunked cup of tea.

Off to bed at 8:30.


I hope you all have a superb time over the festive season although I very much doubt it’ll be as good as ours.