……. came early this year for Lo, she is a terrible Goddess, in the form of an engraved iPod Touch.

iPod Touch

A thing of beauty and a joy for ever, it seemed an appropriate gift ……. and Apple had it on offer as well …….. irresistible ………. so all the TG had to open on Christmas Day was a mains adaptor …… oooo, and a free t-shirt from those nutters at Iffyton, and two chocolate oranges [buy one, get one free]. Luckily the lunch she cooked was delicious so she had a lovely day.

(Well, it was lovely seeing Tiggz – the iPod, oh and the fact that the ‘free’ chocolate orange was actually mint, may just [only just, mind you] be enough to stop me noticing quite how long you’ve spent with that hussy, Zelda…….. Lo,TG Ed.  P.S. Does anyone want a T-shirt, size medium?)