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This is where the magic happens … (and in the shed of course).   2018 has taken a surprising turn. I haven’t done a shed load of paintings for a very long time and I have never done ‘proper’ paintings using acrylic paint before. Some of these will be available to see (and purchase) at […]

PAINTING. Really!!!?!

I needed an old-school type painting as part of my next exhibition of exciting and innovative sculptures so decided I’d better do it myself.     He turned out ok. I found another off-cut I could use so then did a painting I’ve been thinking about for ages. It was grown from a cutting and lives […]


  The new exhibition at A Galeria Secreta is, in the main, excellent.   If people knew where it was, they would flock. As it is, views are very private. If you want a private view bring your own wine and glasses … oh and some cheese, I like cheese. Contact me for details.


  I was talking to the voices in my head and one of them came up with a brilliant idea … merchandising for my next exhibition to help with costs! Consequently I’ve gone into intense production.     There will be two products for sale, both in limited edition runs and all individually monogrammed. Minimum […]


  Ok, I’m pretty sure I’m organised for Coastal Currents Open Studios 2017. It starts the day after tomorrow! Details can be found by clicking *here* – studio 69 on page 94. I’m a tad loose endish now. I know, I’m fascinated by numbers, let’s have a little Google. 94 then …   … oh, […]


  I’ve made the labels for Coastal Currents Open Studios 2017 which opens in just over two weeks! *small panic*                                        There are exactly 42 which everyone knows is the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, […]


  There will be high art …   and some at table height …   and some at ground level.     The extensive grounds and outbuildings of the Cliff Top Residence will be open to the public between the hours of 2pm – 6pm on 2/3 & 9/10 of September 2017. Full details can […]


  Once again it’s open studio season in the Hastings area when people are allowed to shoot artists.     When you’ve taken your pictures you will have the opportunity to watch the artists in their natural environment. Watch some flinging materials around like spoilt children and others who are more precise carefully balancing ‘stuff’ that […]


I suspect that many artists hope for immortality. They produce their stuff and guard and cherish and record in photographic form and use materials that will outlive them in the vain hope that what they have made will be appreciated, loved and admired forever. Most will be disappointed but they won’t know it because they’re […]


. The reason for this photograph is not to show you my studio in Portugal but to give you some practical advice. . . There are two vital pieces of equipment showing that every aspiring artist needs. I cannot over-emphasis how important they are. (Pause whilst the avid viewer carefully studies the photograph using well […]