CATCH 22 …….

…….. or it might be 23 ……

Shed - insulation

It’s been a tad chilly recently which has been very frustrating as I’ve wanted to get on with fitting out my studio …….. OK OK -  shed …….. sheeeesh!

The first job is to insulate it so that it can be made cosy [with the help of a portable heater] and I’ve been waiting for the weather to show some kindness.

Yesterday was the day!!!!! Even in it’s unfinished state it started to warm up very nicely. By the time this is published I’m hoping that my man-cave will be fully insulated and I’ll be able to continue wearing not much more than a t-shirt and a cardboard box.

The next job is to get the electrickery connected so I can listen to the radio whilst planning my assault on Leonardo’s reputation …….