It’s that time of year again.


The hedges are full of ripe and moist berries, sagging under the weight of fresh goodness and screaming out fertility. There are hips and haws, fields of cereals waiting to be harvested, the last of the fresh tomatoes from the garden.



Mushrooms and toadstools are breaking forth from their hyphae of fungi and thrusting upwards, trying to stay hidden in woodland and amongst the ferns on the cliff top whilst defying gravity and high-fiving the daylight.

It’s very exciting of course …. very ‘earthy’ ….. but quite frankly I find the whole process very tiring so I’m intending to empty some of those blackberries onto a huge bowl of ice-cream, lounge on the sofa and instruct* Lo, she is a terrible Goddess to book some flights to Surfugal.

*When I say “instruct” this usually takes the form that some would say looks like asking really nicely.

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